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Present Board of Directors

Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy - Founder & President

Bill McCarthy has a 45 year history of producing special events for humanitarian and activist causes. He has produced major events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City that have drawn audiences as large as 300,000 people. Bill's events have featured many of the most prominent people in the movie, television, and music industries.
He has a long history of producing special events to support the United Nations beginning in 1984 with "A UN Day Celebration" in Los Angeles, as well as UN Charter Day Celebrations in San Francisco, and Celebrations of the UN International Day of Peace. 

Bill is the Founder and President of Unity Foundation, a non-profit organization with a 40 year history of promoting peace, cooperation and unity throughout the world. In 1998, he created the "Positive Spin" television program, that presents positive, innovative and solution oriented news from around the world. The program airs nationally in the United States on the country's two largest satellite networks - DISH Network and DirecTV reaching 37 million homes each month. In 2009, Bill co-founded with Laurien Towers the Peace Day Global Broadcast Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace. The broadcasts promote the vitally important work of the United Nations, it's humanitarian agencies and organizations working for peace, the environment, human rights, and social and economic justice. Each year special focus is given to promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals. The Peace Day Global Broadcast streams live from the United Nations website 365 days each year, as well as on more than 2,000 websites and Facebook pages. In addition Bill has produced public service announcements for the United Nations and a series of 5 television documentaries on the UN including the official documentary of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the United nations in San Francisco - "UN60: A Time For Renewal". Bill is presently producing a television documentary on the United Nations entitled "The UN at 70 and Beyond".

Bill McCarthy is the former co-president of the United Nations Association Pacific-Los Angeles Chapter and the communications chair for the United Nations Association Northern California Division. He has also served as president of Citizens for a United Nations Peoples Assembly, and as a Member of the Board of Directors for The Alliance of Gays and Lesbians in the Entertainment Industry. In addition, Bill served as co-chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Coordinating Committee for the Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

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