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Unity Foundation Staff

Brenda Lynn Martin

Brenda Lynn Martin - Publicist and Positive Spin Correspondent

Brenda Lynn Martin is known as the "Black Diamond Diva Event Planner" for Larry King and "Guard A Heart" at the Avalon in Hollywood. Brenda Created and Hosted a charity event for "Friends of the Arts of the Institute" and a charity event for "Lizzie Velasquez the World's ugliest Woman" who now has a movie. Brenda has worked as the Publicist for Rob Carter of "The Temptations Revue" and "The Lon Michaels Fine Art Gallery". She has been involved in organizing special charity events for "Child Help" with John O Hurley And Cheryl Ladd, "Loving All Animals", "Jam Session" and "Rafael's Hair Salon". Brenda has Partnered with the "Cosmopolitan Cafe"for a special charity event. She has also assisted with a "Fashion Group International" as Assistant with Miss Oregon Miss USA. As a model Brenda Lynn Martin has been a Cover Girl for "Emage Magazine" and "LIVE Magazine" and is working on a third cover with" Ochea Fashion". She has also been featured in a Yelp commercial for "Brian O'Brien Hair Design". Brenda Lynn Martin has had a Home Healthcare Business in Marin County, California for 22 years. She was also a real estate investor in Northern California. Presently, Brenda is the Publicist for Unity Foundation and a Correspondent for the "Positive Spin" Television Program produced by Unity Foundation.

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