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Present Board of Directors

Gary Floyd

Gary Floyd - Treasurer

Mr. Floyd is an independent producer, consultant, contractor, event and production manager, and brings to Unity Foundation a wide range of expertise. His participation with Unity Foundation dates back to the 1990’s and the America’s Before Columbus project. His artistic work includes lighting design, installation art and technical design and direction. In addition, his technical expertise includes AV systems, computer hardware/ software consulting and networking. He was an audio expert for the City of N.Y regarding a national lawsuit involving the 1st Amendment and outdoor sound. His management skills include general manager and business manager for several regional arts organizations. Some of his past work has been for the Smithsonian Institution, the State of North Carolina, the City of New York, the State University of New York S.B., the LA Festival, and Inter-locken Arts Academy. More recent work includes the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest (President) producing events with the National Park Service and a new baseball sculpture with W. Kravitz for the Washington DC Nationals baseball team and the Memphis Transit Station.

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