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Present Board of Directors

John Hsieh

John Hsieh - Secretary

I combine my work as an insurance agent and as a volunteer to serve seniors in the community. I have been the founder of the following orgainzations: Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco Bay Area, Taiwanese Culture Festival, Asian American Federation of California for Asian Festival, Taiwanese Community Help Association, Site-coordinator of Community Ambassador Program for Senior, CEO of Taiwan Civil Rights Litigation Organization, Coordinator of Taiwanese SFPT Study Society and president of Love of Taiwan Association. I met Bill McCarthy in 1993, and have served on the board of Unity Foundation since then.

Each non-profit organization has its own goal and mission. The individual ethnic group wants to promote their culture in the hope to build their own identity in the community. While in the community for a while, they start to network with different ethnic groups by learning each others culture, and respect each other and work together. Then they join hands to serve the broad community. Identifying culture, Networking social and Creating culture is the natural process of forming INC.

I was invited by former President Bush to the White House on May 5, 1991 for the news briefing and signature of Asian American Heritage Month proclamation. Since then, I have a strong desire to serve in the community. A quick review of my community services in the past as follows: Invited US Ambassador to speak at TCCSFBA annual banquet, Sponsored a Joint Prayers for Tsunami and 911 victims, Sponsored Asian Festival, Senior Resources Fair, Thanksgiving Dinner for community.

Feng Chia University, the Architecture Engineering Department graduated in 1971

Professional Licensures
1983 California Real Estate Broker License
1984 California General Contractor License
1985 California Fire & Casualty Broker License
1986 State Farm Insurance Agent to now
2000 Certified Humana Insurance agent to now
2014 Certified Covered California Insurance agent to now
2014 NMLS #139176

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