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Unity Foundation Staff

Mark A. Ciarlante


Mark A. Ciarlante a.k.a. TIGERMAN
Youth Ambassador for World Peace and Unity

Mark A. Ciarlante a.k.a. TIGERMAN The Non-Violent Superhero that teaches Bullying Prevention for children. He is a professional Conflict Resolution Educator, Musician, Entertainer, Camp Director, and Certified Yoga/Tai, Chi/ Pilates Instructor. He specializes in teaching "Good Old Fashion Values" with a 21st Century flare! TIGERMAN's motto is "RAH!" (Reject All Hate) cause it's a jungle out there!

Originally from Philadelphia PA., Mark started his crusade for Bullying Prevention in 2000 and has reached over 2 million children nationwide, performing at schools and community events.

He started TMProductions a 501c3 non-profit organization June 2000 our mission is to empower all children to seek non-violent means of conflict resolution and to provide support and guidance to victims of violent crimes.

He has appeared on stage, film, and television, including appearances in Dumbstruck The Movie, MTV Music Videos, 21 Jump Street and numerous TV Commercials.

Mark was teased and beaten up as a child because he liked to dance and perform. He created TIGERMAN The Non-Violent Superhero to manage his anger while resisting the urge to use violence and fight back.

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