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Unity Foundation Staff

Trilight Tom Ray

Trilight Tom Ray - Webmaster

Trilight Tom Ray is a community organizer and networker extraordinaire with many years of focused experience in multimedia, print and online publishing. He currently lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania and does Web Site services for clients in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, California and around the world. He has a special interest in serving the needs of Native American, environmental, peace and international civil society groups with his publishing and information technology skills.

Trilight has thirty-five years of experience in using his multimedia skills to support events, campaigns and communities. For many years he served as editor, fundraiser, and designer for the San Francisco Survival Manual (formerly the Haight Ashbury Switchboard), a pioneering publication and information service that harnessed the recourses of San Francisco's activist community and human services establishment and delivered it into the hands of it's poor and disadvantaged communities. He has been personally involved with many peace marches, peace camps, environmental and human right campaigns - and producing the events, publications and networking required for their success. He was among the earliest adopters of personal computers, multimedia publishing and web publishing. His motto is "publish or perish" because he believes that information is a powerful tool that can save lives and change lives.

Trilight is well versed in the both the commercial, technical and human aspects of publishing. He served as business manager, reporter, networker, layout and design artist for New World Times magazine "Dedicated to the Renaissance of the American Indian". He was an owning partner of 415TECH Media LLC, and served as editor, information systems and production manager of San Francisco's Dot-Com Directory, published in 2000. From 1999 to 2001 he designed and created program guides, display advertising and marketing materials for 415TECH, San Francisco's largest Internet and IT business networking event. From 2003 to 2004, he was the Calendar Editor and Admin. Assistant and Database Manager for Zene Magazine, a destination magazine for Arizona.

Trilight is involved with many significant global and local citizen initiatives through over thirty years of working with the Unity Foundation ( in San Francisco. Unity Foundation has produced 100s of large concerts, multi-cultural festivals, forums and special events, all focused on peace and human unity. Trilight was the editor of the foundations' Unity News, the publisher of its web site and has been a key member of its events production team.

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