Promoting World Peace,
Cooperation and Unity
for 40 Years
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About Unity Foundation

Unity Foundation
Board of Directors, Staff, Founders, Acknowledgements

Bill McCarthy

Richard Geller
Tom Harrington
Bill Strake

Special thanks to Curtis Spangler, co-founder, Unity Foundation Board of Directors and Chairman Emeritus for his 25 years of dedicated service to Unity Foundation.

Present Board of Directors
Bill McCarthy - Founder and President
Laurien Towers - Vice-President Productions and Media
Alexander Laszlo - Vice-President Education
Gary Floyd - Treasurer
John Hsieh - Secretary

Unity Foundation Present Staff

Brenda Lynn Martin - Publicist and Positive Spin Correspondent

Dennis Hicks - Fundraising Director

Eldie Coronado - Creative Director

Tim Powell - Director - Positive Spin and
The Peace Day Global Broadcast

Rose King - Positive Spin Correspondent

Ron Sato - Positive Spin Correspondent

Mark A. Ciarlante
Youth Ambassador for World Peace and Unity

Trilight Tom Ray - Webmaster

Members of the Former
Board of Directors

Greer Barton
Cristhal Bennett
Daniel del Solar
David Drabble
Gordon Edielhiet
Mary Grauberger
Judy Martinez
Great Elk Waters

Founding Attorney
Mark Rennie

Unity Foundation's Fiscal Sponsor: Peace Development Fund

Past Staff Coordinators and Managers
Nichola Gascoigne
Max Haptonstal
Hershell Harndon
Anne Hatchet
Christian Holmer, Geo John, Dr. Frank Lucido,
Rich Netherton, Be-Water, David Wills,
and the hundreds of volunteers who have selflessly donated
their time and energy throughout the past 40 years
to further the non-profit goals of Unity Foundation.

Event Production, Programs, and Projects Staff
Andy Castle - Production Manager
Patti Davis - Artists Relations Manager
Dirk Dirksen - Local Programs and Projects Coordinator
Will Dodger - Stage Manager
John Flores - Art Director
Bill Garbe - Logistics Coordinator
Shirley Hatten - Credentials Coordinator
Camille Houston - Hospitality Coordinator
Robert Manning - Special Projects Coordinator
Rebecca Nichols - Stage and Backstage Design Coordinator
Ranger - Security Coordinator
Bruce Tobin - Artists Coordinator
Ian Allred, Michael Call,
Echo, Walter Funk,
Robert Jackson, Gary Lea,
Robbie Leeds, Norman Mathais

Recent Staff Coordinators and Members
Mario Abad, Josie Bautista,
Steve Brown,
Kristine Czerwonka,
Tommy Decker,
Marlene Dupont,
Toby Dubes, Denise Dunne,
Cal and Mil Ebey, Jay Ebey,
Mark Espinoza,
John Exworthy, Ken Faust, Dave Garbe,
Marlize Gabrielson,
Wendy Hart, Kenny Heller,
Izu Interlandi, Jim Lanzinger,
Linda Lowrance,
Robert Macias,
Beth McCarthy, Marcia Perry,
Jim Sowers, Michael Scott,
Gloria Tulanowski,
Beth Trachtenberg,
Patrisha Vestey, Waterfall, Michael Welch (Laser)

Media Production, Campaigns, and Web Development
"Positive Spin" Television Show

Bill McCarthy
Producer and Co-Host
Heather Searles - Co-Host
Kim Weichel - UN and Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Juliette Bennett - New York and East Coast Correspondent
Dirk Dirksen
Executive Producer
Damon Molloy
Videographer and Editor

Unity News
Bill McCarthy
Publisher and Editor
Trilight Tom Ray
Co-Editor and Designer
Alexandra (Lex) McCloud
Print Production Manager

Internet Coordinator
Brian Webster

Multi-Media Director
Stefan G.

Website Development
Trilight Tom Ray - Web Master
Lex McCloud - Web Mistress

Jim McCullough - Unity Logo Design
Vincent Chan - Design of Unity Brochure

Video Documentation
Dirksen/Molloy Productions

Sound Reinforcement
Electra and Mondo Sound

Sponsors of Special Culturaland Educational Events
and Unity Foundation's "Positive Spin" Television Show

Abolition 2000
Action Coalition for Global Change (ACGC)
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Amnesty International
Art Institutes International - San Francisco
Asian American Federation of Northern California
Association of Internet Professionals
Association of World Citizens
Baha'i Community of San Francisco
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
The Cannery
Earth Race
Fort Mason Foundation
Global Exchange
Global Peoples' Assembly
Goldman Environmental Foundation
Grants for the Arts
Interfaith Center at the Presidio
International House, on the UC Berkeley Campus
Just Desserts
Museum of the City of San Francisco
Nicaraguan Center for Community Action
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Pathways to Peace
Peet's Coffee and Tea
Planet Weavers Treasure Store
Ramada Plaza International Hotel
Rainbow Grocery
Rainforest Action Network
Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast, and Art
Rotary Club
The Bay Guardian Community Fund - distr. by the San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
SF Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Freedom Day Committee
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
Soka Gakkai International (SGI-USA)
The 16th Street North Mission Neighborhood Association
Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy
The 3220 Gallery
Trader Joe's
Stillwater Sound Recording Studio
United Nations Association of Marin
United Nations Association - Northern California Division
United Nations Association of San Francisco
United Peoples Assembly
United Religions Initiative
Universal Declaration of Human Rights 50th Anniversary Committee
Verbum, Inc.
We the Peoples Initiative
World Affairs Council of Northern California
Westin St. Francis Hotel
Working Assets
World Federalist Association of Northern California

Unity Foundation's Founder and President,
Bill McCarthy, wishes to especially thank his parents,
Bill and Mary McCarthy for their love and guidance,
and for their 25 years of support for the Foundation's non-profit work;
and Maharaji, his spiritual teacher for the past 28 years.

Our 25th Anniversary Edition of the Unity News
is dedicated to the memory of Bill Strake,
a Co-Founder of Unity Foundation who died of AIDS.


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