To Commence San Francisco's
special events and educational programs
for the UN's Year for Creating a Culture of Peace

Unity Foundation and The State of the World Forum


Creating a Culture of Peace
for the Twenty-first Century
Through the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
and Positive Applications of the Internet
and Global Communication


'Addressing the Nuclear Dangers
in Our World Today'
A Panel Discussion, with
Dr. Helen Caldicott, Founder, Physicians for Social Responsibility
David Cortright, President, Fourth Freedom Forum
Senator Alan Cranston, Chairman, State of the World Forum,
Director of the Forum's Nuclear Weapons Elimination Initiative
Jonathan Granoff, U.N. Representative, Lawyers for World Security

'It's Terminal, Mr. President'
An Anti-Nuclear Presentation
with Dr. Patch Adams and Dr. Helen Caldicott

Appearances by well-known performing artists

The Association of Internet Professionals presents
'How the Internet and Global Communications
Offer New Opportunities for Positive Social Change
and Human Development'

A Panel Discussion Featuring Prominent Industry leaders.

Sunday, October 2, 1999, at the Herbst Theatre,
Site of the 1945 Signing of the UN Charter
401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco