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Past History and Events

2000: The Year for Creating a Culture of Peace

Unity Foundation produced a series of events to celebrate the Year 2000, which the United Nations proclaimed to be The Year for Creating a Culture of Peace, further demonstrating the foundation's commitment to its purpose of creating greater understanding, respect, and appreciation among people of all races, cultures, lifestyles and generations within the Human Family.
In March, 2000, Doug Mattern, President of the Association of World Citizens asked Unity Foundation to produce the first World Citizenship Day in San Francisco. A World Citizenship Award was presented to Mayor Willie Brown, Jr., and appearing on stage was Taiwan's Tai Ji Men Goodwill Group, featuring a pageant of 400 performers.

On April 18, Unity Foundation produced the 150th Anniversary Gala at City Hall, a benefit for the Museum of the City of San Francisco. The first Living History Award was presented to Gladys Hansen, Founder and Curator of the Museum. The event showcased an array of performing artists representing the rich cultural diversity that characterizes San Francisco
On June 26, Unity Foundation produced the Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of UN Charter Day in San Francisco. The event featured a public reading of the Preamble of the UN Charter by the Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr., Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, and the release of 55 peace doves.

The Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of UN Charter Day also included cultural performances by a wide assortment of artists. Pictured are the Danza Teokalli Aztec Dance troupe.

A dedication ceremony marked the historic installation of the United Nations 50th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt in the Veterans War Memorial Building, site of the original signing of the UN Charter in 1945. This remarkable handcrafted work features an excerpt from that important document done in embroidery, framed with appliques of UN-related landmarks and icons.

In August, 2000, Unity Foundation's television show, Positive Spin, began airing the "UN in Action" series. These special segments documenting the current efforts and recent accomplishments of the United Nations and its Agencies will continue to be a part of Positive Spin throughout 2001.

During its 25-year history, over one million people have attended special events produced or coordinated by Unity Foundation, and more than five hundred million people have been reached through Unity Foundation's media campaigns.

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