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A 24 Hour World Celebration
September 21, 2009

On September 21, 2009, the United Nations' International Day of Peace will be celebrated with a global telecast via the internet, radio and television. The UN's annual commemoration of its central purpose "to end the scourge of war for future generations" will highlight and honor the accomplishments of peace organizations and individuals around the world. This Event will be the largest and most inclusive International Day of Peace Celebration ever produced, as initiated by the Unity Foundation in association with our leading Peacebuilding Partner Pathways To Peace

This historic Event will utilize for 23 hours of pre-produced and live streaming video from locations throughout the world. This site will be interactive and empower organizations and individuals to participate in the celebration, and take action to create a more peaceful and sustainable planet through a year-round calendar of global events, tools for networking and collaboration, and links to educational resources. This internet content will be subtitled into multiple languages and made available for download around the world.

The finale will be a one-hour television special highlighting the official International Day of Peace Ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York. The ceremony will feature UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the President of the UN General Assembly and high profile UN Messengers of Peace. The UN Department of Public Information and Unity Foundation will approach UN Messengers of Peace such as: Michael Douglas, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, and Elie Weisel to participate in this international event.

Also featured in the television special will be Michael Franti's "Power to the Peaceful" celebration in San Francisco and the Jane Goodall Institute's "Roots and Shoots" Peace Day Celebration in Santa Monica.

Co-Chairs for the event are Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chancellor Emeritus of the University For Peace in Costa Rica and Avon Mattison, Founder and President of Pathways To Peace and Coordinator of the Culture of Peace Annual Report to the UN Secretary-General that documents thousands of International Day of Peace events around the world.

Hal Uplinger, international television producer for LIVE AID, will be the television consultant for the Event. Laurien Towers, producer of the LIVE AID video messages from world leaders, Nobel Peace Laureates and celebrities will again serve in that capacity. Bill Miller, host of Global Connections Television, will conduct interviews with high profile United Nations officials and celebrities at UN Headquarters in New York. Segments will also come from Unity Foundation's award winning news and public affairs television program "Positive Spin".

Peace Bells throughout the world will be rung along the international timeline as the Day of Peace Celebration unfolds continuously across the globe for 24-hours.

We are contacting prominent celebrities, musicians and Peacebuilders who have a history of dedication to the ideals of the United Nations to invite their participation in this Event. We have secured a commitment from FreeSpeechTV on the DISH Satellite Network to air the "PEACE DAY" television special. We are also in negotiations with the Odyssey Network concerning the possibility of airing the television special on
a major nationwide cable channel.

Please call Unity Foundation at (310) 450-5592 for further information concerning this special event.

Bill McCarthy, Founder and President, Unity Foundation
Producer "Positive Spin":

Charles Strong
Director of Creative & Business Affairs

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