Promoting World Peace,
Cooperation and Unity
for 40 Years
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Unity Foundation's Program
To Mediate Violence
& Conflict Through Culture

In the 1990s Unity Foundation initiated an innovative program to mediate conflict and violence between peoples of different races, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds.

Our media campaign, the Americas Before Columbus Project, was an important victory that resulted in the selection of a Native American Co-Grand Marshall to ride alongside Cristobol Colon, a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, in the 1992 Tournament of Roses Parade. In a series of video segments that aired during the Parade, our Co-Grand Marshall presented the Native American perspective on Columbus's arrival in the Americas to a television audience estimated at 450 million people worldwide.

Actor Edward James Olmos Challenges Tournament of Roses. Parade President to Appoint Native American Co-Grand Marshall.

Unity Foundation's Program to Mediate Violence
and Conflict through Culture continued with
the Concert for Unity in Los Angeles,
following that City's devastating riots.
African American and Korean American performers
(representing the two communities at the center of
the racial conflict) appeared together on the same stage
to promote racial harmony in Los Angeles.

The Kim Wah Korean Dance Troupe, sponsored by the government of South Korea, at the L.A. Concert For Unity.

The Watts Prophets,
regarded by many as
the Fathers of Rap Music
at the L.A. Concert For Unity.

 Unity Foundation then directed its attention to the war in Bosnia. Working with Russian visionary Joseph Goldin, UNESCO, and Zlata Filipovic, the 13-year-old author of "Zlata's Diary, A Child's Life in Sarajevo," Unity Foundation utilized state-of-the-art communications technology to produce an interactive video space bridge which connected San Francisco with Sarajevo, while that City was under siege. The purpose of the 70-minute space bridge was to promote peace in Bosnia and cooperation between the people of San Francisco and Sarajevo and to support the rebuilding of the Library containing artifacts of Bosnia's multicultural communities.

Zlata Filipovic,13-year-old
author of "Zlata's Diary,
A Child's Life in Sarajevo"
inspired UNESCO's project to rebuild Multicultural Library

Buddhist Monk and Peace Walker, Rev. Yusen Yamato with Serbian and Croatian musicians as they play together for the first time to promote peace in Bosnia

Finally, to commemorate the one-year anniversary
of the President's Initiative on Race, Unity Foundation produced
a special celebration in which an array of multicultural performers appeared together to promote racial harmony
in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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