Promoting World Peace,
Cooperation and Unity
for 40 Years
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Past History and Events

Recent Events - 2003 - Present

Peace Sunday
In association with
Student Organizations of UCLA

Peace Festival L.A.
The World Is ...In OUR Hands

The Quad & Ackman Union
Saturday & Sunday
October 9 & 10, 2004

Saturday Afternoon

FREE Speeches - Noon-5pm - Saturday Afternoon

Dr. Berky Nelson - Director UCLA Student Program

Professor Andrew Strauss
"A People's Assembly at the United Nations NOW!

Rosemary White, PH.D
Chair-Endangered Species Taskforce, Sierra Club
and UCLA Student Peace Activists

FREE Performances - Noon-5pm - Saturday Afternoon

Kyodo Taiko
David Zasloff
Stephanie Valadez
Rashid Lanie
Lee Newman
Bobby Matos Acoustic Duo

GALA - Saturday - 7:30pm
$20 in advance; $25 at Door

Keynote - Dr. Robert Muller
Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations
Chancellor Emeritus, University For Peace, Costa Rica

Musical Performance - Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman
Native American Musician, Actor and Activist


Speaker - Sunday Afternoon
Tad Daley - Policy Advisor, Kucinich Campaign

"Abolishing Nuclear Weapons and Ending War"

Artists - Sunday Afternoon - Noon-5pm
Radical Teen Cheer
Ritmo Flamenco Y
Danzas de Espana
Balandugo Kan African
Drummers and Dancers

Heart of Humanity Awards to:
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.
Lucile Green, Ph.D

Closing Ceremony - 6:30pm
$20 in advance; $25 at door

Keynote - Guru Singh
"Democracy Would Be A Great Idea"
Musical Performance:
The International Children's Choir
The World Peace Flag Ceremony

For Festival information, advanced tickets, and exhibitor information,
Call (310) 855-8737

Bill McCarthy, the President of Unity Foundation, acted in the capacity of Event Producer for "Peace Festival LA". The festival's Co-Producer was Laurien Towers, President and CEO of the GlobaLink TotalVision Network.

Unity Foundation handeled the Production Management for "Peace Festival LA". The foundation would like to express special thanks to its Production Stage Managers - Mike Giangreco and Don Weiss; and Production Timer - Wayne Standerwick.


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