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Past History and Events

Recent Events - 2003 - Present

Recent Events (2011)

Millions Celebrate "Peace Day" 30th Anniversary during 5 Day Global Broadcast

Millions of people around the world, thousands of organizations, and numerous celebrities and musicians joined together in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace. The vehicle for this unprecedented event is the "Peace Day" Global Broadcast which was viewed at The celebration streamed live from the website of the United Nations and the websites of thousands of organizations around the world. Official United Nations Messengers of Peace will present their personal Peace Day messages during the program.

Founded in 2009 by Unity Foundation (, the first "Peace Day" Global Broadcast was produced by Unity Foundation, PeacePortal, GlobaLink TotalVision Network and Pathways To Peace. Since that time, the "Peace Day" Broadcast has grown exponentially as the world's only 24/7 Global Broadcast promoting Peace, Sustainability, Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice.

Last year's event spanned 5 days - from September 17th to September 21st (the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace). There will be broadcast hosts in the United States, Canada and Spain and live streaming of peace events from around the world. "Peace is the Goal" is the theme of this year's broadcast, with sports figures appearing as spokespersons for the program.

Recent Events (2010)

The 8th annual Day of Peace festival will celebrate young people and adults working together to develop a greater understanding of different cultures and a more balanced coexistence among people, animals and the environment. Join members of Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots youth program from all across the state of California as they come together on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Santa Monica Pier to promote PEACE. For more infomation, visit:
 Recent Events (2009)

A 24 Hour World Celebration - Monday, September 21, 2009 more info...
 Recent Events (2008)

On January 18th, Unity Foundation was responsible for the production management of the Instituto Laboral de la Raza's 2008 Labor Awards Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco. The event, which was attended by over 1,200 guests, is the largest Labor Awards Dinner in the Western United States. Joseph T. Hansen, the International President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union received the "Labor Leader of the Year Award"; and Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton received the Congressional Leadership Award. Five additional awards were presented to prominent leaders in the Labor Movement during the dinner.The Instituto Laboral de la Raza is a non-profit worker resource center based in San Francisco and Oakland, California. The organization's mission is to provide labor rights education and legal advocacy for all low income workers.
Recent Events (2007)

On October 27th, Unity Foundation produced the official United Nations Day Celebration in San Francisco.This special event featured addresses by Kim Weichel, President of the United Nations Association of San Franciscand Astrid Stromberg, President of the United Nations Association/Northern California Division. The Keynote Address was presented by Dr. Mervyn Silverman, past President and current member of the Board of Trusties of amFar (The American Foundation for AIDS Research.) The celebration included a performance by the SGI-USA Chorus performing "One World" an official song of the UN50th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco.

The United Nations Day Celebration was followed by the San Francisco Parade for World Peace which included 20 contingents and many beautiful banners designed by San Francisco Artist, John Exworthy. The parade began in UN Plaza and traveled to Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall for a celebration featuring musical performances and poetry. The finale of the celebration was the creation of a Human Peace Sign in Civic Center Plaza.

On November 10th, Unity Foundation's President, Bill McCarthy organized the First American Indian Grand-Entry Parade in the City of Los Angeles. The theme of the parade was "Honoring American Indians as the First Environmentalists." The parade was produced by Red Nation Celebration as a special event of the Second Annual American Indian Heritage Month in Los Angeles. The Parade featured an American Indian Color Guard, American Indian Veterans, American Indian Princes and Princesses in classic cars, Pow Wow Dancers, Tribal Elders and prominent members of the Native American community. The parade began at Main Street Plaza and continued to the Los Angeles State Historic Park on North Spring Street.

 Instituto Laboral De La Raza's 2007 Labor Community Awards Dinner

On February 9th, 2007, Unity Foundation provided the Event Management for the Instituto Laboral De La Raza's 2007 Labor Community Awards Dinner at the Hotel Marriott in San Francisco. Anna Burger, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Secretary-Treasurer and Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives were the two major award recipients of this special event. There were a number of other prominent national and local labor leaders who also received awards during the evening. The Awards Dinner was attended by more than 1,000 guests.

 Blue Star Memorial Plaque (est. in 1945) Dedication Ceremony

On May 30th, 2007, (the date Memorial Day was established in 1866), Norma Foster, of the Yucca Corridor Coalition, was the Producer of a special Blue Star Memorial Plaque (est. in 1945) Dedication Ceremony at the "Gateway to Hollywood" Median Triangle Park in Hollywood. Bill McCarthy, President of Unity Foundation worked with Ms. Foster as Co-Producer of this special event. The Ceremony featured an unveiling of the Blue Star Memorial Plaque by Johnny Grant (the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood), Robin Pokorski (President-Elect of the California Garden Club) and Councilman Tom LaBonge of District 4 (where the "Gateway to Hollywood" is located. The Blue Star Memorial Plaque was unveiled as a gift to the City of Los Angeles, from the Los Angeles Garden Club through the Yucca Corridor Coalition and their "Gateway to Hollywood" Median Triangle Beautification Park.Other dignitaries at the ceremony included: Leron Gubler, President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Tom Urich, Commander of American Legion Post 43. The Marine Corps Color Guard presented the Colors. The Blue Star Memorial Plaque was unveiled to honor our country's fallen war heros in all past and present wars.

Unity Foundation's San Francisco Bay Area Events for 2006

In September 2006, Unity Foundation held a 30th Anniversary Birthday Celebration at the Red Victorian Hotel and International Networking Center in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. The event was a special gathering of Unity Foundation's production staff and friends, with musical performances by Matt Venuti and Rich Mikos of the Venusians (the group that created the music for the "Positive Spin" television show) and the folk rock band United Soul. There was also a premiere screening of the upcoming 8th Anniversary "Positive Spin" television program.

On October 7th, 2006 Unity Foundation coordinated and managed the production for the United Nations Association of the USA /Northern California Division's Regional Conference. at Stanford University. The conference, entitled "Can the United Nations Heal the World", focused on the two themes of The UN Millennium Development Goals; and Conflict and Consequences of Global Warfare." The keynote speaker was Mandeep Bains, Policy Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign. Douglas Mattern, President of the Association of World Citizens, Herb Behrstock, MA, Former Director of International Programs for the UN Development Program, Kevin Danaher, PhD, Co-Founder of Global Exchange, and Daniel Sheehan, Esq, Chief Legal Counsel in the Iran-Contra case, were some of the other prominent speakers participating in the program.

UN Special Event - September 8th, 2006

On September 8th, 2006, Unity Foundation provided the Event Management for a special event at United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The event was entitled "How A United Nations People's Assembly Would Contribute To UN Partnerships With Civil Society". Bill McCarthy, President of Unity Foundation and Consultant for Citizens for a United Nations People's Assembly initiated the proposal for this special event, and worked in collaboration with Dr. Harry Lerner, President of the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations on the final document. Dr. Lerner then submitted the proposal under his organization's NGO Status with the UN. Douglas Mattern, President of the Association of World Citizens was the Moderator for the program. The featured speakers included: Dr. Harry Lerner, Susan J. Zipp, Chair, Global People's Assembly, Benjamin Quinto, Executive Director, Youth Action Network and Ramu Damodaran, Chief, Outreach Division, United Nations Department of Public Information. There were more than 125 participants in this special event of the UN Department of Public Information's 2006 NGO Conference. The program was sponsored by the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations, Citizens for a United Nations People's Assembly, Association of World Citizens, Pathways To Peace, Young General Assembly and Unity Foundation.

  "Positive Spin" Television Show 2006 "Positive Spin" Launches PSA Campaign Promoting the UN and its Humanitarian Agencies and Produces the Official Documentary of the UN60th Anniversary Celebrations in San Francisco

In 2006, Unity Foundation launched a PSA (Public Service Announcement) Campaign promoting the vitally important work of the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies. The first PSA, entitled "The UN - Its More Than You Think", focused on the work of 7 United Nations humanitarian agencies. The second PSA, featuring a voice over by actor Danny Glover, focused on the importance of the United Nations in today's world. The PSAs continue to air nationally on the "Positive Spin" television show. Unity Foundation dramatically increased the distribution of the Danny Glover PSA by posting it on, a new subtitling website connecting translators around the world. Within a month of the posting the PSA had been translated into more than 20 languages and was being downloaded and distributed to many countries around the world. Unity Foundation was commissioned by the UN60 Committee to produce the official documentary of the UN60th Anniversary Celebrations in San Francisco. The documentary aired nationally, in three parts, on the "Positive Spin" television show in January, February and March of 2006.



A Program of the Official "1906 Expo" Honoring the People of San Francisco, the Cities of the Bay Area and Nations of the World That Came Together to Rebuild San Francisco Following the 1906 Earthquake and Fire

The "1906 Expo" is Presented by the San Francisco Fire Department Historical Society and Produced by SRES Productions

MONDAY, APRIL 17th, 2006
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
On PIER 48
(across the 3rd St. Bridge near SBC Park)


Jim Fourniades as Emperor Norton
from "Emperor Norton the Musical"

The Dime Store Dandy

Kitten on the Keys

The Lollies

The Scenic Sisters

Archer & Jenkins
"The Famous Melody Rascals"

Edgar Allan Pope

Educational Presentations:
Jim Dalessandro, author "1906" -
Professor Rodger Birt,
SF State University -
A 1906 Video Retrospect
by Dirksen Molloy Productions

An International Flag Ceremony Led by Bagpipe Player, Lynn Miller and a Premier Performance by the Presidio Dance Theatre Honoring the 14 Nations That Came to the Aid of San Francisco - the Phoenix Will Then Rise and Fly

The Phoenix is the Creation of John Exworthy from X Studios.

This special event will feature actors in period costumes, from "The Corinthian League" and Jenkins and Archer's "Threads of Time", greeting and interacting with the public. Ed Archer's 1906 horseless carriage will also be on display.

Major Sponsors:
See's Candies and Wells Fargo Bank

Unity Foundation was Production Manager
for Conference

The Failure of Global Empire
and Birth of Global Community
University of San Francisco
August 2-5, 2005


Unity Foundation Produced
the special UN60th Anniversary event
"Creating a UN Peoples'
Parliamentary Assembly"

June 4th, 2005
Palace Hotel in San Francisco

 Peace Festival L.A.
The World Is ...In OUR Hands

The Quad & Ackman Union
Saturday & Sunday
October 9 & 10, 2004

Empowering the United Nations
by Creating a Global People's Assembly

The Church Center: 777 UN Plaza
44th St. at 1st Ave, Second Floor, right across from the United Nations
Thursday, September 9, 2004
7:00 - 9:00 PM

 Toward a Democratic United Nations
For the 21st Century
A conference on the reform
and revitalization of the United Nations
June 24 - 27, 2004
San Francisco State University

Unity Foundation presents
The first UNAFF Traveling Film Festival Los Angeles
War and Peace: From Vietnam to Iraq to Israel and Palestine
Los Angeles Film School
SUNDAY - March 21, 2004

A unique festival showing three outstanding films dealing with issues in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Vietnam and USA, which celebrates the efforts of documentary filmmakers to fight for justice and dignity for all people around the world.

(Stanford, CA) The United Nations Association Film Festival, the world's only public film forum for exploring UN related issues, presented its traveling film festival event which examined international conflicts. The first UNAFF Traveling Film Festival Los Angeles took place on March 21 at the Los Angeles Film School.

I session - 1:00 PM and II session - 7:00 PM - "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" (Iraq/USA) Directors/Producers: Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy

I session - 2:15 PM and II session - 8:15 PM - "What I Saw in Hebron" (Israel/Palestine) Directors: Dan and Noit Geva Producer: Michal Arram

I session - 3:30 PM and II session - 9:30 PM - "Regret to Inform" (Vietnam/USA)
Barbara Sonneborn

Established seven years ago at Stanford University by film critic and educator Jasmina Bojic in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNAFF screens documentaries by international filmmakers dealing with topics such as human rights, environmental survival, women's issues, children, refugee protection, homelessness, racism, disease control, universal education, war and peace.

Media Sponsor

 San Francisco's 3rd Annual Earth Charter Summit

San Francisco's 3rd Annual Earth Charter Summit took place on Saturday, October 11th, 2003 at New College of California, 777 Valencia Street in San Francisco, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The theme of the 2003 Earth Charter Summit was "The Power of the Individual". The event featured inspiring speakers, performers, and community building activities.

For the third consecutive year, Unity Foundation provided the production management for San Francisco's Earth Charter Summit.

Unity Foundation's president, Bill McCarthy, was a featured speaker at the Summit, addressing the topic of "Empowering Communities through Media Access". The foundation programmed and coordinated the Video Screening Room, where programs dealing with world peace, the environment, human diversity, socially responsible business practices, humanitarian efforts around the world, and positive, innovative and solution oriented news was screened.

On September 21st, 2003, Unity Foundation produced a special event to celebrate the International Day of Peace for the Artists' Guild of San Francisco. The celebration took place at Union Square in San Francisco. The event began with a moment of silence for world peace. The Opening Address was presented by Kim Weichel, Executive Director of Pathways to Peace. The celebration featured the Presidio Children's Dance Theatre, a troupe of more than 50 children dressed in elaborate ethnic costumes, performing a series of ethnic folk dances from around the world. Russian Choreographer, Vassilii Mountian, is the Artistic Director for the troupe. The celebration also featured a performance by the folk rock group, United Soul. There was also performances by some of the Bay Area's most prominent world music groups including Ancient Future, The Snake Trio (featuring members of Wild Mango), and The Nigerian Brothers. The event benefited the Music in Schools organization.
On August 16th, 2003, Unity Foundation produced the Second Annual Acoustic Music Festival for the Artists' Guild of San Francisco. The event took place at Washington Square Park in San Francisco. The Festival featured performances by Judea Eden, Blackberri, Minori Yata and Shigeki Asakawa. The event benefited the Music in Schools organization.
In July 2003, Unity Foundation produced the Second Annual Poetry Festival for the Artists' Guild of San Francisco. The festival featured many of the San Francisco Bay Area's most prominent poets including Michael McClure, Thom Gunn, QR Hand, SS Kush, Gail Mitchell, Will Dodger, Craig Easley, Alphonso Texidor, Julia Vinograd, Ron Jones, Thekla Clemons, and Gary Becker. The event benefited the Poets in Need organization.

In June 2003, the United Nations Association - Northern California Division and Unity Foundation produced a special UN Charter Day presentation for the United Nations Association of the USA's National Forum on the United Nations. Unity Foundation was commissioned to produce a special UN Charter Day Historical Presentation which premiered at the Forum's Opening Banquet. The video presentation featured an introduction by William Luers, President and CEO of the United Nations Association of the USA. The Charter Day program included a group reading of the Preamble of the UN Charter and a rededication to the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. There was also a Toast to the UN's Year of Pure Water. Unity Foundation President, Bill McCarthy served as production manager for the National Forum on the United Nations.

On May 25th 2003, Unity Foundation was involved in the production of the California Music Awards - formerly known as the Bammies (Bay Area Music Awards).

Unity Foundation's President was an Associate Producer for the California Music Awards; and 17 of the foundation's staff members were involved as talent liasons, hospitality staff, and security monitors for the event. Unity Foundation was involved with the California Music Awards because of the event's strong multicultural and community focus. The California Music Awards honored such diverse talents as
Larry Graham, Green Day, Jimmy McCracklin, Lady Bo, Luce, Goapele, Orixa, Ledisi, Jackie Greene, Audiovent and Jon B.

In March and April 2003, Unity Foundation participated in San Francisco's historic Peace Marches and Rallys. The Foundation brought in 16 of its staff members to volunteer as security monitors and logistical set-up crews for the Peace Marches and Rallys.

In February of 2003, Unity Foundation acted in the capacity of Event Producer for a special address by Dr. Robert Muller at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. The topic of the address was "The Vital Role of the U.N. in Preserving Planet Earth".

Dr. Muller is the former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, serving under three U.N. Secretary Generals. He is also Chancellor Emeritus of the University For Peace in Costa Rica. This special event was presented by the United Nations Association of San Francisco.

Also in February, 2003, Unity Foundation initiated the 50/50 Media Campaign, designed to petition San Francisco Bay Area television stations to air more balanced, diverse, and solution oriented news stories. From February to April, the 50/50 Media Campaign brought together a coalition of more than 25 organizations. In May, the coalition voted to make the 50/50 Media Campaign an on-going project of the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME), a national organization dedicated to media reform, media education and support for independent film and video producers.


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